Saturday, April 28, 2018 ~ The 122nd Running

Maryland’s Timber Tradition


Remembering 2001 Hunt Cup winner Solo Lord. Read more

Irvin. L. Crawford III’s Senior Senator captures his second Hunt Cup, with Joshua G second, Drift Society (Ire) third. Complete results. Official chart. Read article here. Read NSA/Don Clippenger story here. 

Joseph G. Davies 2017 S. Bryce Wing Trophy recipient. Read more.

Winning Hunt Cup trainer Tom Voss receives racing’s highest honor. Read more.

To view the 60 Minutes feature on timber racing from April 8, 2017, click here. And don’t miss the 60 Minutes Overtime section on  Michelle St. John, the Maryland native and 60 Minutes producer and horse expert..

Did you miss it? A segment on Maryland Hunt Cup on Maryland Farm and Harvest aired December 15 on MPT. It is posted in full on line here.