The Challenge Cup

“The Challenge Cup will be held by
the owner of the winning horse each year and will become the permanent
possession of the owner winning the Maryland Hunt Cup three times, not
necessarily with the same horse nor by successive wins.”

Owners who have retired the Challenge Cup with 3 Hunt Cups wins.

  • First Challenge Cup retired by Mrs. E. Read Beard 1940 (Blockade)
  • Second Challenge Cup retired by Stuart S. Janney Jr. 1947 (Winton)
  • Third Challenge Cup retired by Mrs. W.J. Clothier 1952 (Pine Pep)
  • Fourth Challenge Cup retired by Mrs. M.C. Stephenson 1966 (Jay Trump)
  • Fifth Challenge Cup retired by Redmond C. Stewart Jr. 1978 (Haffaday, Ben Nevis II)
  • Sixth Challenge Cup retired by Mrs. Miles Valentine 1983 (Cancottage).

Currently active owners with 2 wins – poised to retire the Challenge Cup.

  • Arcadia Stables (Andre Brewster)
  • Move Up Stable (Susie McDonald)
  • Northwoods Stable (Mike Hankin)
  • Irvin S. Naylor
  • Stewart Strawbridge
  • Lucy Goelet

For more information (and a good read!) see Margaret Worrall’s “Timber’s Big Game: What do you know about Maryland Hunt Cup Trophies?” published in Mid-Atlantic Thoroughbred, April 2014.