June 6, 2024

The Maryland Hunt Cup Association announces the presentation of the S. Bryce Wing trophy to Peter R. Fenwick for his outstanding contribution to Maryland timber racing.

Man with tweed cap, ribbon on lapel of tweed jacket
S. Bryce Wing Award presented to Peter R. Fenwick / photo credit Douglas Lees

The Award is given to a person who has contributed in an exceptional manner to Maryland timber racing, Peter Fenwick personifies this award that honors the memory of S. Bryce Wing, who was a member of the Maryland Hunt Cup Association from 1939 until his death at age 85 in 1975. He was secretary of the Maryland Hunt Cup from 1956 to 1966 and also president of the National Steeplechase and Hunt Association (now the National Steeplechase Association) from 1948 to 1964. He was also a member of The Jockey Club and a Master of Foxhounds at Elkridge-Harford. Mr. Wing’s devotion to horses, hounds, and racing was lifelong.

In 2002, Mr. Fenwick volunteered to take on the responsibility as Race Secretary of the Grand National Steeplechase. Mr. Fenwick did an extraordinary job during the 20+ years in that position. Of special note, under his leadership, the Grand National provided opportunities for juniors, some of whom are NSA licensed riders today, to compete at one of Maryland’s prestigious sanctioned timber races.

Mr. Fenwick has been associated with the Maryland Hunt Cup since birth, as his father Charles Fenwick Sr. was Race Secretary during Mr. Peter Fenwick’s youth. A friend remembers that when Mr. Fenwick was a teenager, his first official position was T-shirt vendor. In 1990, Mr. Fenwick became a Paddock Judge and continues in that role. In 2003, Mr. Fenwick joined the Hunt Cup Committee and has been an active member and thoughtful sounding board, always focused on the race’s success. 

While serving on the Grand National and Hunt Cup Committees, Mr. Fenwick also served on the National Steeplechase Association and Maryland Steeplechase Association boards.  During that time, he was a strong advocate and positive liaison for amateur racing.

Over the years, Mr. Fenwick dealt with all the challenges our sport has to offer, and always handled them with a sense of sportsmanship and fairness.

The Committee feels very fortunate to have him as a friend & committee member, and unanimously and enthusiastically selected Peter R. Fenwick as the recipient of the S. Bryce Wing Award.

The first S. Bryce Wing award was presented in 1976. In the following 48 years, the trophy has been awarded 33 times.