For Immediate Release – January 10, 2020 – S. Bryce Wing Award

The Maryland Hunt Cup Association announces the presentation of the S. Bryce Wing trophy to owners and land preservationists Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Hankin. The Hankins have supported Maryland Timber Racing from every angle, as owners, land preservationists, leaders, and sponsors.

Given to recognize an outstanding contribution to Maryland timber racing, this award honors the memory of S. Bryce Wing, who was a member of the Maryland Hunt Cup Association from 1939 until his death at age 85 in 1975.  Mr. Wing was Secretary of the Maryland Hunt Cup from 1956 to 1966 and also president of the National Steeplechase and Hunt Association (now the National Steeplechase Association) from 1948 to 1964. He was also a member of The Jockey Club and a Master of Foxhounds at Elkridge-Harford.

Starting with Bug River who won his first attempt in the Maryland Hunt Cup in 2004, the Hankins have run horses in the Maryland Hunt Cup 15 times. Additionally, they have run in 12 races at the Grand National, 20 at My Lady’s Manor, and 11 timber races at the Legacy Chase. Mike and Ann Hankin’s horses have had a staggering number of 98 Maryland Timber starts.

Synthesizing their passion for land preservation and timber racing, the Hankins have consistently supported the racecourse at Shawan Downs through leadership, sponsorship, donations, and race participation. Notably, Mr. Hankin has long served as President and Chairman of the Land Preservation Trust. In addition, he served for several years as Hunt Secretary, and then President, of the Greenspring Valley Hounds. Mike is also a Director of The National Steeplechase Association.

The Hankins have led by example with grace and effectiveness throughout their involvement in Maryland Timber Racing. Their record in wins and starts alone is an impressive one; but when we consider their unparalleled support and stewardship of the sport itself, it becomes clear that Mike and Ann have demonstrated the principles and contributions worthy of the work Bryce Wing exemplified so many years ago.

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